About Us

    We practice law grounded with business and product experiences – We believe the practice of law to be a business tool and must provide value-add to a business.


    Intellectual Property Services – All of our attorneys, agents, and technologists have business experience, engineering experience, or both before practicing law or aiding in the practice of law. We have a unique blend of legal, business, and engineering experiences to aid our clients in the context of their business, markets, and products.


    Our team members have engineering experiences in product development and business management in high technology and chemical areas.  We have worked in a range of capacities from as engineers to Vice President in various companies, including Fortune 100 companies.  We have developed product lines and products ranging from semiconductor processing through board level products to high-end mainframe computers and networking products including test and software development.  We have developed products in various markets including storage, computing, networking, and consumer electronics.


    Corporate, Business Transactions, Employment Services – Our attorneys have worked as in-house counsel at Fortune-100 companies through start-ups and as outside counsel.  Our team provides the flexibility supporting existing processes in any size company as well as establishing new processes.


    We look for trends - Our team is just as comfortable reading marketing and business reports as we are reading case laws.  We look for trends in technology, products, product lines, markets, and the law.  We prosecute patents considering these trends to help maximize the value of our client’s patents and patent portfolio.


    Patent prosecution, pre-litigation, licensing, copyright, trademark, trade secret, and portfolio management and due diligence - If desired by our clients, we engage our clients about their business and seek to provide legal services that are value-add to their business.  Our services range from patent prosecution, pre-litigation, licensing, copyright, trademark, trade secret, portfolio management, and due diligence.


    Stanley Chang, Managing Attorney of IP Practice – Stanley has been prosecuting patents since 2005. He practices law from a business perspective in the areas of patent prosecution, pre-litigation, licensing, trademark, portfolio management, and due diligence for start-ups through Fortune 100 companies. Prior to practicing law, Stanley had an extensive career from engineer through Senior Director with the following companies Western Digital Corporation, Quantum Corporation, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Agilent Technologies. Stanley has also co-founded a high-tech start-up. Throughout his career he used law as a business tool and he works with clients to provide legal services that are business value-add. Stanley understands this business perspective because he was the client for many years.  Stanley has been and continues to be an innovator. He is a named inventor in over 11 US Patents, led innovation in organizations he has managed, and was a division level representative in Patent Committees. Stanley now directs his innovation experiences towards assisting the clients’ innovators.