We practice law grounded with business and product experiences We believe the practice of law to be a business tool and must provide value-add to a business.  We advise our clients from a holistic viewpoint.


We can help our clients assess deals, make the deals, protect their interest, and enforce their rights - We provide our clients options of how to engage with us.  Our business experiences and acumen allows us to help our clients assess business opportunities. Our legal experiences complements our business experiences to work with our clients of what legal structures may work best.  Our legal experiences allows us to provide various legal instruments to protect our clients’ interest.  When needed, we can enforce our client’s rights.

We provide legal services in different areas:

  • Real estate including commercial and residential, financing, development, and sales agreement
  • Corporate including formation, re-formation, and maintenance
  • Contracts including agreements for transactions, licensing, employment, and settlements
  • Intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
  • Litigation including real estate, contracts, employment, and intellectual property


We look for trends - Our team is just as comfortable reading marketing and business reports as we are reading case laws and statutes.  We look for trends in real estate, financing, and technology. We provide strategy options to our clients based on today and forecast gleamed from trends.