Perspectives Law Group believes in utilizing our mediation and arbitration skills to solve disputes, but we also have extensive experience and success in complex civil litigation in the fields of real estate, contracts, business and employment law.


Our attorneys are called upon by other firms representing individuals, developers, lending institutions, and escrow and title companies to provide expert witness testimony on behalf of our clients in court. These same expert law team members will be the attorneys working with you to reach a desired outcome for your issue.


Perspectives Law Group has successfully resolved almost every type of real estate civil dispute: broker/agent issues, contractual disputes, disclosure matters, foreclosures, Ponzi schemes, escrow and title issues, leases, boundary disputes and earnest money deposits... (read more)


No one is comfortable when a contract goes awry, but Perspectives Law Group can provide you the peace of mind offered by competent, client-centric and aggressive legal counsel to navigate the sometimes complex and confrontational nature of a contract dispute. Buyer-seller, lease or loan issues are addressed by our veteran litigation team working hand-in-hand with our clients... (read more)


Employment litigation can be a complex process, and our Perspectives Law Group attorneys represent private employees and businesses to resolve workplace disputes ranging from employment agreements to discrimination... (read more)


With extensive experience as executives and scientists in the high tech, biotech and corporate environments prior to becoming attorneys, we have lawyers who have first-hand knowledge and experience dealing with business and patent issues in these subject areas. Perspectives Law Group provides clients with representation by some of the area’s most accomplished experts as well as patent litigation specialists... (read more)